Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right place can be difficult. We want to not only help you along this journey, but always be there for you. An easy way to start is to read our frequently asked questions.

What care is provided?
Service is established after a comprehensive assessment with the resident, their family or trusted friend/caregiver, and a nurse from Whitewood Gardens. These are private conversations that help create the resident’s individual care plan. Based on the individual’s needs to live comfortably in the community, a base rent and costs are assigned. Residents enjoy all the features, amenities and services of the community.
Is there a salon/barbershop within the community?
Salon/barbershops are operated on-site by licensed professionals.
How will I get to where I need to go?
We are happy to schedule drop-offs and pick-ups for you through many available ride services. Staff may accompany residents to appointments as well on an as needed basis.
Is Daily Housekeeping included in rent?
Daily Housekeeping is covered in your monthly rent.
What are the apartment floor plan options?
Every community has a variety of apartment types and floor plan options. Check out the floor plans online or ask to see them during your tour.
What kind of activities are planned each month?
Life Enrichment covers a wide range of activities so residents may experience the dimensions of wellness from physical fitness to creative outlets and continual learning. Every day you’ll find a wealth of planned activities and monthly events. Ask to see the month’s activity calendar during your tour.
What are the meal times?
Our meal times start at 8 am, 12 noon, and 5 pm, but are open and flexible throughout most of the day and evening. Whitewood Gardens emphasizes the importance of nutritious and delicious dining so chef-inspired meals are a key feature of our dining experience Be sure to stay for a meal during your tour.
How does Whitewood Gardens involve the family?
Whitewood Gardens recognizes the importance of family members and welcomes all generations to enjoy our dining and attend community events. One of our primary aims is to take care of all the chores so families can enjoy their time together.
What makes Whitewood Gardens different?
The reason Whitewood Gardens exists is to help residents, their families and each other live life to its fullest by positively changing the way people think, feel about and experience senior living. We do this by following the values of honesty, integrity, simple kindness and hard work.
How will I know that the staff is trained properly?
All staff are trained for their role and responsibilities. Whitewood Gardens provides continual education courses to keep staff up-to-date and current. The Health Services team are licensed and/or certified to meet or exceed the expectations of the state.
What is the Whitewood Gardens mission?
The reason Whitewood Gardens exists is to help residents, their families and each other live life to its fullest by positively changing the way people think, feel about and experience senior living.
How long has Whitewood Gardens been in business, and how big is it?
Since 2013, Whitewood Gardens has been creating comfortable communities for seniors to live. With careful and thoughtful planning, the company is growing and will be multiple communities over the next several years.
I still drive, will I have a parking space?
Parking spaces are available for residents with cars.
Am I allowed to bring my pet with me?
Pets are done on a case by case scenario.
Are my family and friends able to stay for meals?
Your guests are welcome to dine with you for free.
What is the dining program at Whitewood Gardens communities?
Dining rooms are open all day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus offer choices for a variety of dietary requirements and seasonal favorites.
Are meals included?
When you move into the community, all your meals and snacks through the day are included in your monthly rent.
How is my level of care determined?
When you move in, our nurse/administrator will confidentially meet with you (and your family, if applicable) to assess your needs and determine what would be appropriate for your care. We will continue to meet with you every three months to ensure you are receiving the care you need.
How do I know if this is right for me?
If you are requiring assistance with activities of daily living such as management of your medication, personal hygiene, dressing or grooming, then our community is probably a good fit. All residents will meet with qualified health services personnel for a thorough assessment prior to move in.
My loved one is incontinent, how do you handle this?
Incontinence is common for residents, and at Whitewood Gardens one is able to purchase incontinent products on and have them available at all times. No need to worry about stocking up.
Can my loved one leave Whitewood Gardens overnight?
Your loved one is free to leave Whitewood Gardens with their family members or guardians and enjoy time away as desired for a night or for a longer vacation.

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